Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why go far ?

I have never understood the nature of Pak-China relationship. Although we claim we are two countries that share same interests in the South-Asian region but we lack bilateral partnerships.
China is one of the strongest economy today.It is much more technologically advanced than Pakistan yet when Pakistan needs any expertise it looks towards Europe or America,why not look towards your neighbor for support?
The current crisis in the energy sector can be easily overcome by China's help.China produces a huge share of its electricity from coal.It is not a hidden fact that Pakistan too has large reserves of coal,so why not involve China and benefit from their experience?
When it comes to universities China produces a huge number of PhD's every year.But when Pakistan wants to build an international university we look towards the French. Why not build a university with Chinese partnership ?
International collaboration is necessary to survive in this global world,but why do we need to go far for everything when we have a supportive neighbor.
Pakistan should learn from the cooperation amongst the member countries of European Union and try to initiate new partnership programs with China.

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