Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life moves on....

As i enter the final year of my bachelors i am reminded of my last year in school. The second year of my A-levels...

Suddenly i feel the striking mix of feelings, the strange familiar feeling that i felt back then. The feeling of losing your old friends, the feeling of letting go the institution that groomed you, the strange excitement of meeting new people and the fear of what awaits you once you leave your safe haven.

I guess this is what most of us have gone through.

Then comes the most dreaded / much awaited day. The official last day at your institution. Friends meet each other with affection and love. Even those who never talked to each other during all those years come closer at this occasion.Promises are made to keep in touch but deep down everyone knows they will hardly get any time to meet.

You move on convincing yourself you'll never let go off your friends. Time passes by. You make new friends and get busy with your routine. And soon you realize how far you've wandered away. But now it doesn't matter. You have other friends and lots of them. Occasionally you remember the goofiness or cheekiness of one your friends, the taunts of another, the jokes, the small talk, the wonderful evenings you spent together, the time you wasted at the canteen, the sunny days you spent together lazing around in the grass while bunking off classes, the pressure you handled together while meeting a project deadline and all the crazy stuff you did together.

But, life moves on......


  1. i hope that you prepare yourself for the roller coaster ride which awaits you after you are done with your education. Have a pleasant ride. :-)

  2. I feel you.

    Hope you are doing great! :)

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