Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of An Irresponsible Nation

Four to eight hours of daily load-shedding,a total shortage of 4500 MW of electricity,worst power shortage in the history of the country.Yet,when you go out in the mornings you can see street lights on.
Hundreds of small and big parks in the country where lights are on until midnight but in residential areas we have to live without electricity for hours at times.Why not close down all parks as soon as it gets dark and channel that electricity to hospitals,residential and industrial areas ? But no,people need relaxation,they need parks to enjoy...
Nobody cares about babies crying all night because of the heat,no one cares about students not being able to study for their exams.Why should anyone care for patients being operated in darkness with the help of torch light because there's no electricity?

And then we say why are we called the third world ? If in 63 years we can't light a bulb what else do we deserve ?

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  1. Agreed!
    a very important topic of our daily life- which has become one of the biggest problem of our nation.
    There must be some check and balance to catch bijli chor and on kunda system. But K.E.S.C says, those who give bills and dont steal will have to pay even more heavy bills as we have to compensate that amount which is not being paid by the Bigli chors!
    See our govts policies!
    i'm against the privatization!