Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Pessimistic Society

What is pessimism ? Pessimism is to anticipate failure. It is a general belief that bad things will happen.Unfortunately in our society,all of us have become experts in discovering flaws.Not even a single day of our lives goes without complaining.
Let me give you a few examples.When we look at the current economic scenario we find everyone complaining about unemployment,trade deficit,inflation and what not.But how many of us are actually trying to do something positive ?
This pessimistic attitude is driving away foreign investment from our country....
When we take a look at the social aspect,even before a match starts most of us are convinced that the Pakistani cricket team or hockey team will lose the match.We should at least encourage our players regardless of their performance.
In our daily lives most of us might have experienced that whenever a group gathers,rather than fruitful exchange of information and knowledge we start useless gossip.The funny part is even men have started doing that.This shows how negativity has spread like venom into our society.
Not even nature has escaped our pessimistic attitude.Recently there was a lot of buzz going on in the media regarding shortage of water in country.Most experts rather than planning and building new dams and reservoirs were wasting their energy blaming nature for having less amount of rainfall this year.We as a nation should at least do what is in our hands.
I ask you where did all that optimism go that led to the creation of this great country?
Of course there are certain situations where a little pessimism is required such as in new business ventures or when carrying out scientific research.But,we need to strike a balance between pessimism and optimism.
Remember an optimistic mind backed by positive action is the need of the hour.

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