Sunday, March 21, 2010

How long should your week be ??

Finally a long weekend has come to an end.Thanks to the holiday announced by the Sindh Government we got Saturday off.I have always wanted the weekend to consist of two holidays both Saturdays and Sundays off.Too bad we Pakistanis only get Sundays off.
When i talk to people they tell me that a six day week is better for the country,people can do more work,we can achieve our targets,its good for the country's economy etc etc.
I don't agree to that at all.In fact i believe that a six day week not only exhausts our work force but also makes it inefficient.The job that would normally take 3 to 4 days is completed in a week's time.The result being the employer has to pay more and the employee feels he's been working too hard.
On the other hand having five working days in a week will result in:
a)An efficient work force
b)Mental satisfaction of the employee
c)Saving electricity which will help minimize load-shedding
d)It will save employers a huge some of money.

What's your opinion ?


  1. Umm i'm partially agreed.There should be only one day off for economic sector and for industries but for schools,colleges and universities two days off is good.
    Everyone knows what is the condition of education in our country and specially in karachi. Most of the classes are canceled in KU whenever there is any football or cricket match.If, we study at the times of matches then we can get two days off easily.
    To attend matches should be left at one's choice,student shall not be forced!

  2. Better yet,they should give Saturdays off and keep all the matches on Saturdays...