Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get a Grip !

According to statistical reports Pakistan's majority population consists of young people aged 16 to 25 but do we ever wonder what our youth is doing ? The youth of any country can prove to be a turn table for its economy. Young people are the talent and backbone needed for development and progress of any country.But is this what our youth is doing ?

Unfortunately majority of our young population wastes its time in useless entertainment.I mean just look at how these mobile phone companies are benefiting from hourly packages. Every corner of the street,every park or in any mall you can spot a guy or girl hooked to a phone chatting to his/her so called "love of life."

If its not the phone then computer! I'm amazed how many chat room sites are coming up everyday. Our nation seems to be obsessed with dating.
The strange thing is these relations are so short lived that the next day the two parties barely remember each other.

Come on guys and girls get a grip. Go out enjoy yourselves in a manner that not only entertains you but also teaches you something. Go join some sports club, some debating society, learn some programming or anything but stop wasting your time !

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Karachi's Thirst !

A major problem in many areas of Karachi is the supply of clean water for drinking and other domestic purposes. The shortfall of water is met by local tankers that supply water to the desired location at about Rs1200 to 1500 per tanker(3600 gallons).

This water tanker supply business has been booming in the recent years. These tanker operators have often been the target of criticism from the general public who fail to realize that the primary responsibility of supplying water lies with the government. These water suppliers exist in the first place because the government is incapable of supplying water to all areas of Karachi. Furthermore the growing textile and leather goods industries in Karachi rely on supply of water through these tankers to meet their daily requirements.

Yes indeed there have been mistakes made on behalf of these water suppliers but the fact cannot be neglected that this water tanker supply business has provided employment to not hundreds but thousands of people including drivers,cleaners etc in Karachi.

Furthermore if one has to get rid of these water suppliers the simplest solution is to make water available to the industry and all residential areas of Karachi. Thus, as demand will decrease they will automatically go out of business.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What to do !

For the past one year my family like millions other in Pakistan have been facing some financial problems. I've seen the pressure gradually building up ....
So finally i decided to help my father by doing some part time job. I'm a student and obviously need to find a job that doesn't take up much of my time. With everything set, i started looking up the internet for part time jobs -the result a bombardment of information overload. After much research i came to the conclusion that part time jobs are really scarce in Pakistan and the ones that are available are actually full time jobs disguised as "Part-time" just to underpay the employees.

Ultimately i gave up my search. I decided to find a business that would require low capital and that i can manage along with my studies. I did some research in the local market but whoever i asked gave me the same reply " Market mein mandi hai bhai" OR "The market's in a recession" .

Confused and puzzled i continue to search for the part time business/job suitable for me ....

PS: Suggestions would be welcome !
To blog or not to blog is the question !