Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boring Life !

Today was one of those days when i get up feeling depressed and gloomy...I really don't know why but it does happen once in a while(No I'm not suicidal).Well at first i didn't feel like going to university but as there'd been several unpredicted holidays earlier this month i couldn't miss another day.
I literally slept through all my lectures although i could hear a few words in between like boilers....transfer function ...machines...but it didn't make much sense.
The heat and load-shedding didn't help much, in fact they made me feel even more miserable.
Sometimes I wonder where all the excitement and fun has vanished from our lives? We've become mechanical robots going through the same routine everyday....
But then i comfort myself by thinking about the next day.Every sunrise will bring a new day with it and every new day will bring hope,joy and love in our lives.Be positive.


  1. yea man always b d way like d blog

  2. Exactly, you have given the answer of your question yourself.
    Yes, always be optimistic-for those who takes thing positively and hope for the best find their new mornings themselves!