Monday, August 9, 2010

Pakistan's Worst Flood Ever !

We can never compensate the loss of lives that took place,we can never bring back their loved ones,we can never return them those joyful moments of life....

But,what we can do is help those who survived.So take a step forward,hold a hand,grab a finger and save a life.They need you and they need you now....

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Get instant immigration to Canada,USA or UK !

Well the topic is not a new one but in-fact one that most of the Pakistani Youth dreams of.Most young Pakistani nationals wish to immigrate to the western developed world.An average Pakistani starts dreaming of acquiring higher education in a foreign university even before he clears high school. Soon after his intermediate or bachelors he'll approach agents to get admission in a "foreign university" even if it is ranked the lowest in that so called developed country.

Leaving behind much better options in his home town this guy finally persuades his parents that his future lies in a foreign country.The poor parents spend the entire savings of their life to send their 'talented' son abroad to acquire education.

Once approaching that country the son gets too involved in other things(usually enjoying the night-life etc.) and eventually education takes a back seat.After a few years this guy gets his degree barely obtaining passing marks.

Now when this boy comes back to Pakistan,his parents force him to find a job here.Confused between two different cultures, working in a mediocre Pakistani firm is an insult for this 'highly-educated' person.
Finally this guy returns to the country of his choice,becomes a second-class citizen over there and settles for a low class job.

Now i ask you whats the point of migrating to a foreign country where you'll always be treated as a second-class citizen ? Why immigrate to a foreign country if you can do better off in your own country ?
Why not make your own country a better place to live ?

Kindly leave your comments, i want your opinion on this.....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More Destruction...

Wednesday 4 August 2009, even a week later floods continue destruction in several cities of Pakistan. According to sources the causalities have crossed 1400.

Leaving millions of people shelter-less and thousands dead in the Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa,Balochistan and Punjab province,the flood is now expected to arrive in Sindh by 5 August.

The victims of this flood are facing a huge crisis.Those who've survived are still waiting for food and medical aid to arrive.Desperately clinging to life these people are in dire need of immediate attention.

Photo courtesy Dunya News

The government has so far been unable to deliver aid to all the affected areas.International humanitarian organizations are no where to be seen.In these difficult times we cannot let our fellow brothers and sisters die like that.It is now the responsibility of the people of Pakistan to come to the aid of their fellow country-men. Lets once again revive the spirit which we displayed during the 2005 earthquakes.

I request you all to do everything possible to help these victims of flood...