Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get a Grip !

According to statistical reports Pakistan's majority population consists of young people aged 16 to 25 but do we ever wonder what our youth is doing ? The youth of any country can prove to be a turn table for its economy. Young people are the talent and backbone needed for development and progress of any country.But is this what our youth is doing ?

Unfortunately majority of our young population wastes its time in useless entertainment.I mean just look at how these mobile phone companies are benefiting from hourly packages. Every corner of the street,every park or in any mall you can spot a guy or girl hooked to a phone chatting to his/her so called "love of life."

If its not the phone then computer! I'm amazed how many chat room sites are coming up everyday. Our nation seems to be obsessed with dating.
The strange thing is these relations are so short lived that the next day the two parties barely remember each other.

Come on guys and girls get a grip. Go out enjoy yourselves in a manner that not only entertains you but also teaches you something. Go join some sports club, some debating society, learn some programming or anything but stop wasting your time !


  1. This nation is REALLY obsessed with dating.
    Uh and its annoying too you know?
    which is why I don't have a cell phone

  2. Syeda Haya:
    Its better not to oppose any invention but promote its use in such a way that will benefit all.If you keep resisting new inventions than we will always remain undeveloped.

    you should have a confidence in you.Get a phone but use it only in constructive phone is need of time.But you can choose to use it either positively or negatively.

    I think that when now some of the youth is busy in dating and entertaining, at the same time there is also a part of youth working hard for the betterment of Pakistan.Irony is this that such a talented,and sincere youth isn't facilitated by government and so they fail to prove themselves..
    look around yourself,you will find many such diamonds and Rubies..

  3. reebs i'm not against technology its just the way u use it !
    Haya....i dun believe it! u dun posses a mobile ?

  4. My techno part of comment was not for you but for Haya!

  5. So right you are.
    I admit every inventions got it's benefits but this invention,cell phone has got more disadvantages.
    Moreover,if it is useful,it is for grownups not for young people.