Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm Back !!

First of all i apologize to all my readers for not writing any sooner. I was extremely busy during the past few weeks...bombarded with assignments and tests.But finally now I'm free and not by choice ....

Actually this is the third year of my studies and i am supposed to be doing an internship this summer.I had even applied to an oil refinery a month before our summer vacations. So far so good.I kept waiting for their reply...internship offers from different industries came and went by...

Finally June arrived.I was really looking forward to the work experience i would be getting.As days passed i started getting worried.Usually companies reply until late May but in my case they kept me waiting until June.I called and checked on them but they told me to wait.

At last yesterday i got a reply.I was rejected. I was really confused,why i was rejected? I mean I'm pretty high up on my university merit list but still...
Later on i came to know only those people who'd applied to that refinery through personal references were selected.Those who had applied on merit basis were rejected.

Well what can i say? This is Pakistan. Anything is possible here. You don't have to be talented to be successful in this country,rather you have to have the right contacts so you can pull a string or two and get your desired post.

Anyways so here i am free and idle.No internship to do. No influential contacts to get my job done.I have talent, i have merit,but who cares !


  1. so a blogger and i got rejected by DAWN ppl. :-(( but then ig ot to know they kept an A levels low grader..and 2 tmes bachelor drop out ..i dont know how and yyyy!!
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  2. exactly my one follows merit over here...and u are an exceptional writer catty...u dun have to prove urself to anyone ...keep it up !

  3. @Catgirl,and Bilal.Well according to me having degrees in practical lyf doesn't really matter.It's all upon experience or sources...!

  4. well zehra u're ryte but the point is i won't get experience until i get an internship ...and how do u decide who deserves an internship or not?....the answer is "merit"...

  5. @Muhamad,Expecting to be appointed upon merit in Pakistan,nowadays,is just like waiting for the hell to freeze...

  6. see now u're getting my point....its all about who-you-know !