Monday, August 9, 2010

Pakistan's Worst Flood Ever !

We can never compensate the loss of lives that took place,we can never bring back their loved ones,we can never return them those joyful moments of life....

But,what we can do is help those who survived.So take a step forward,hold a hand,grab a finger and save a life.They need you and they need you now....

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  1. It will keep on happening if we donot make new dams... construction of dams take ages long, but we the hopeless,the senseless the blind followers oppose new ideas,big projects.

    KALA BAGH DAM is the need of time or else we will either day by the scarcity of water or by the floods, in which our dear neighbor India is playing an important role!

  2. i would like to add another thing to it ...if the government does not build dams we the citizens can atleast play our part by planting new trees. Trees not only act as sponges,trap flood water but they also hold the soil together thus preventing land slides.
    So in a way we ourselves are responsible too for such floods...