Friday, May 14, 2010

Stress ...

What a stressful week this has been. First the increased work load due to Saturdays being off and secondly the hurricane of emotions that has been going in through me.

Sometimes you feel that the entire world has become your enemy and you don't have any friends.The depression ,the stress,the sadness takes all the light out of your life...

You feel tired and start wondering what is the purpose of your life ? You forget to enjoy the small things in life.That's when you start breaking down....
Something similar happened to me this week.

But,Friday has been better.As the week winded down a friend visited me and we spent all day together.Surprisingly enough i feel much refreshed now.

When your life is all dark and gloomy friends light up your life.So no matter how stressed you are, how tensed you are or how busy you are never forget your friends.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just how much do we have to pay ??

This post highlights a very serious issue that every Pakistani citizen should think about.Just how much tax do we exactly pay and where does it all go?

Recently i was going through my home electricity bill and it said income tax "xyz" amount.I found it rather amusing.Income tax on residential consumption of electricity? That's definitely not an income in-fact its an expenditure so why pay tax on expenditure?

Then there is the excise tax you pay for any property that you posses.There is an additional professional tax you pay for starting any business.Then there is income tax that we pay according to yearly turnover and profit. Being a science student i don't have much knowledge about these things but will somebody tell me exactly how much taxes do we have to pay?

I don't have any problem with paying taxes,but if there's a law it should be implemented for all.The rich and powerful in this country don't pay a single rupee in taxes.Its only the middle class that always suffers.

Still i believe most of us would be willing to pay taxes only if we got some assurance that it would be spent on development projects,building roads,hospitals,schools and universities for the public. But unfortunately we don't see any such progress around us.

At a time when countries around the globe are giving tax incentives to their citizens,new taxes are being introduced in Pakistan. I wonder what impact will it have on the business sector,one thing is clear its definitely not going to help it...