Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hungry and Homeless

Today i went shopping for some groceries.It would've been just another usual trip had it not been for that incident.While i was shopping a boy came up to me.He was about 8 or 9 years old,wearing a torn blue shirt,dirty black shorts and was bare footed.He asked me to buy bread for him.As a natural response i hushed him away at first.But when i turned to face him something just made me freeze.
Maybe it was his face,maybe it was his innocence or maybe it was his eyes.Deep hollow eyes that had no sparkle of life in them.It was as if i could see his hunger and helplessness through his eyes.His eyes were full of sorrow and fear.I felt sad for the poor boy and bought him some bread.
On my way back i could not concentrate.My mind was full of thoughts about the boy.Where did he live ? Who are his parents ? Why did his parents leave such a cute little child alone ? When will the boy have his next meal ? Will someone feed him ? Where will the poor fellow sleep at night ?
I don't know how many such hungry,homeless children are there in Pakistan but i know one thing,there are many.
Why is our society so ignorant of such poor innocent children ? Don't they deserve to live a normal happy life ? Don't they deserve three meals a day,a shelter and an education ? Why not-only because they were born poor ?
Our social security net will have to be strengthened to help these innocent souls. Their future is Pakistan's future.If the government is not willing to help them then we should help them on our own.They're our responsibility.They're our children...


  1. Beautiful post. It's true, we are all in this together as human beings.

  2. Renee...thank u for your comment...The world would have been a beautiful place only if we were not so selfish..

  3. So glad to see our Republic of Rumi host continues to find the best (if quieter) blogposters of all kinds of backgrounds....I will be back, Insha Allah...

    With Gratitude for this one...we also believe it or not in the US are facing increasing poverty of extreme level and yet selfishness grows....I am so challenged by your post to make more of a difference in this area!

    Allah Hafiz

    From blogger at the One Heart for Peace blogsite

  4. Most welcome, although now I'm not sure you always show up on Republic of Rumi...you may have been discovered by ReeBz...sorry for the confusiion yet I will try to find you again and again...

    I just spoke this morning with a young lady who's parents take food regularly to the Manna Bank nearby which is a great organization accepting the oft thrown away items people and businesses like restaurants, supermarkets have...people bring things there, maybe some are picked up in time and now it's so useful...many groups contribute $...

    Thus many poor and unemployed families and individuals are helped out...

    Yes, this group of people is growing by leaps and bounds in at least the once "richest country in the world"...

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