Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love Virus !

Attention O'youth of Pakistan.There are reports that a dangerous virus is on the loose. This deadly virus has escaped the jails of the west and is now quickly moving towards the east.Beware all, this lethal virus spreads really fast.It has become an epidemic leaving the swine flu and bird flu viruses far far behind....Yes it is the most dreaded LOVE VIRUS !
The so-called victims of this virus undergo the following stages:
STAGE 1: Love at first sight.A girl and a boy see each other and at the weakest moment this virus strikes.Furthermore once inside the bodies of the victims,the virus starts multiplying.
STAGE 2: Love is at its heights. The victims keep texting each other and call frequently to check on each other's health. Meetings and dinner dates are also common during this stage.
STAGE 3: The virus starts creating destruction. Frequent quarrels and arguments arise between the patients which finally lead to a break-up(or a broken nose in some cases).

Symptoms of this disease include sleepless nights,lost appetite,absent mindedness and sometimes drooling during the daytime.

Treatment: No medical cure available.

Precautions: Next time you feel love is in the air,think twice before you act.The only method to avoid the above condition is to choose your partner carefully in future.


  1. LOL!
    something definitely funny but ends with a nice moral!:D
    good effort!