Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Does being successful in life guarantee peace and happiness ? What is success ? How does one measure his or her success ?

Human's by nature are very demanding. One desire is fulfilled and then we move on to next. Funny how people fool themselves every time, that whatever they seek is the most important thing in life.....

The truth is that success is only temporary. What one should strive for is happiness, contentment with what one has, "THE INNER PEACE" as some may call it !


  1. I am only going to write what I think happiness is.I don't think success is the answer to happiness.There are so many in-roads leading to happiness that success alone may not be enough.
    I think I can be happy with very little.If I have good and sincere friends,a place to live and able to meet the bare necessities of life I will be very happy.

  2. i think that their are few things which are by default reasons of our happiness and sorrows. Success being one of them. its part of human nature. you strive succeed, happiness lays at ur feet....if incase its vice versa you don't cherish that.