Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Every time i tell myself to have faith and start all over again, something goes terribly wrong and i find myself in that same old state of frustration and mindlessness. Why does life has to be so complicated and tough ? Why can't we simply just read minds and find out what people are thinking ? Seriously it would simplify things so much.

But then some people would argue why change yourself for somebody else ? Maybe they are right. Maybe the best thing to do is to just let go off people who are not compatible with you. But then is it always a possibility ? What if that person is somebody or someone that you have to deal with every single day ? Can you still afford to let go off such a person ?


  1. start over again?? as in relationship??
    i write on marital compatibility a lot so ur post caught my eye immediately!

  2. no catgirl ....Yes indeed marital compatibility is essential for a peaceful life but over here i'm talking in more general terms. As in compatibility with those you call friends, or maybe class mates or maybe even your co-workers ?