Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mobile Spam !

First email, then messenger services and chat rooms now finally cell phones. Spam is everywhere and its spreading day by day. Most email service providers will boast that their filters have stopped or reduced spam content but it isn't true. Like all other industries the spam industry is also changing ....

So what actually is spam ? According to Wikipedia  spam is "unsolicited or undesired electronic messages" . In other words any unwanted,undesired, disturbing, annoying, irritating message is spam ! So how does it affects us? Basically advertisers use spam as a cheap marketing tool to push their products into our faces whether we're interested or not . The costs associated with spamming are minimal so it is preferred mostly by small businesses and of-course frauds who're always after your money.

Recently with the boom in telecommunication and decreasing cost of short messaging services (SMS)  spam has also made its way into the cellular networks across the globe.Spammers are now increasingly using mobile phones to spread unwanted messages.Spam SMS are really becoming a headache for cell phone users.

Personally I'm fed up of receiving texts about some new internet service in town, or the cheap substandard and probably fake viagra ads that i keep receiving on my cell. Seriously, telecom operators have to stop this otherwise we'll be drowned in a world full of spam.

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