Friday, April 8, 2011

Energy !

The recent increase in petroleum prices has brought across a new wave of inflation and price hikes not only in Pakistan but all across the world. Sometimes i wonder is this some kind of plan to starve out the poor and low income groups across the globe and reduce the planet's population ? Or is it the greediness of the ultra-rich oil giants to milk the world of all the wealth.

Anyhow we cannot control the global oil prices but we should at least do what lies in our hands. I fail to understand why Pakistan being a country that has numerous diverse energy resources relies so heavily on oil. We have unlimited supply of coal at Thar and in regions of Balochistan why don't we explore that area ? Why have we failed to attract foreign investors in the coal mining sector ?

Why don't we shift get hydro-electricity ? If a consensus cannot be reached on large dams we should at least go ahead with smaller units.Something is better than nothing.Then we have wind energy. Why don't we use our wind corridors to generate free, non-polluting electricity ?

Last but not the least we have the Sun on our side. We might be uncertain about most of the things in life but one thing is sure : The sun will rise everyday. We can look forward to the Sun to meet our energy demands. The world has seen exponential growth of solar energy in recent years so why should Pakistan remain behind in the race ?

A country having a diverse energy mix is least affected by fluctuations in oil prices. We will have to realize this fact and shift to other means to meet our energy requirements and the sooner we act the better it is. 

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