Sunday, December 5, 2010

What to do !

For the past one year my family like millions other in Pakistan have been facing some financial problems. I've seen the pressure gradually building up ....
So finally i decided to help my father by doing some part time job. I'm a student and obviously need to find a job that doesn't take up much of my time. With everything set, i started looking up the internet for part time jobs -the result a bombardment of information overload. After much research i came to the conclusion that part time jobs are really scarce in Pakistan and the ones that are available are actually full time jobs disguised as "Part-time" just to underpay the employees.

Ultimately i gave up my search. I decided to find a business that would require low capital and that i can manage along with my studies. I did some research in the local market but whoever i asked gave me the same reply " Market mein mandi hai bhai" OR "The market's in a recession" .

Confused and puzzled i continue to search for the part time business/job suitable for me ....

PS: Suggestions would be welcome !


  1. I can understand it.Here are my suggestions, and i have seen many getting success by following these tips: here are they:
    1. First of all donot panic, stay relax and calm, finanacial problems are common with wveryone and aint a big deal.

    2.You are a boy, so it shoould be your responsibility to share the burden of your father.He must have been carrying this load since ages, but now you are here to help him must FEEL this responsibiltiy.

    3.Instead of finding any business or part time jobs, look around for tutions.Yes,it can be the best job with no loss but only profit.Go out in homes and educate children.Get some job in academies or coaching centre in a time which wont affect your studies. can also earn by blogging but it takes a long hard time!

  2. yes, giving tutions would be the best option for you.

    Best of luck

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