Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Karachi's Thirst !

A major problem in many areas of Karachi is the supply of clean water for drinking and other domestic purposes. The shortfall of water is met by local tankers that supply water to the desired location at about Rs1200 to 1500 per tanker(3600 gallons).

This water tanker supply business has been booming in the recent years. These tanker operators have often been the target of criticism from the general public who fail to realize that the primary responsibility of supplying water lies with the government. These water suppliers exist in the first place because the government is incapable of supplying water to all areas of Karachi. Furthermore the growing textile and leather goods industries in Karachi rely on supply of water through these tankers to meet their daily requirements.

Yes indeed there have been mistakes made on behalf of these water suppliers but the fact cannot be neglected that this water tanker supply business has provided employment to not hundreds but thousands of people including drivers,cleaners etc in Karachi.

Furthermore if one has to get rid of these water suppliers the simplest solution is to make water available to the industry and all residential areas of Karachi. Thus, as demand will decrease they will automatically go out of business.

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  1. agree with you, but its not a wise thing that you create lots of tensions, troubles and worries for a common man in order to give employment to few others. thats make no differenece.If by creating problems for others you are creating employment opportunities for few, then indirectly at the same time you are snatching others' employment from them!

    people of Paksitan are poor, but drinking water is a necessity.Pity we have to buy even the drinking water.