Thursday, September 23, 2010

Purpose of education ?

We've seen our society advance in terms of literacy rate in the previous years.We've seen new schools,colleges and private universities come up throughout the country.The number of graduates has consistently increased year by year but somewhere along the road all of us have forgotten the true purpose of education.The sole purpose of education has rather become a tool for us to generate a decent income.

The purpose of education is to provide the building blocks for change. Whether that is intellectual, social, financial or whether it is simply a change of skill level, knowledge or attitude from one perspective to another. All education is a matter of change. Education is beneficial to all, however, the education must have a function and purpose beyond itself alone. We must also not confuse equity, the equal right to education with utility, the usefulness of the education!

The purpose of education should be to develop people through that process of change. Like any process of change, it should be challenging and difficult. It should be a little painful because that act of change, like any physical change takes time and effort to shape and complete.


  1. True- I couldn't have expressed it any better, myself!

  2. thnx for the comment and remember my advice !

  3. Today only I was reading about how the prime objective of education is lost...oh well. It's just us.
    Nice post. :) Thanks for dropping by at my blog.