Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Engineering Universities of Pakistan !

There are several engineering institutes in Pakistan but none of them ranks in the top 100 universities of the world ... ever wondered why ?

We study the same curriculum ,from the same books and by the same authors. Leaving ground realities aside, on paper we even have similar facilities and machinery. Yet our institutes lag behind other international universities.

Today in most engineering universities majority of the Professors and other teaching staff have atleast one foreign qualification to their credits yet our situation is far from improving.The number of Phd's in our universities is far greater than it once was but yet the quality of engineers being produced by our institutes remains inferior.

So where does the fault lie ?

The fault ladies and gentlemen lies within us.Yes all of us from teachers to students are responsible for messing up our educational system.

We've forgotten the true essence of acquiring knowledge. Rote learning a few sentences from a book doesn't make one a scholar. It is infact the understanding and the culture that needs to be developed. Those who are responsible for designing our curriculums will have to understand that bombarding students with loads of information does not makes them any wiser, It only adds to their stress level.It is the concepts that will remain with the student for life.

As for students, we've got into the habit of looking for shortcuts. The copy-paste culture is on the rise and its really hurting our educational system.Students do not realise that by copying assignments and test answers they're actually cheating themselves.Most of these students regret once they're on their own in the field.
It is also the duty of our universities to act soon to curb plagiarism before its too late !


  1. salamunalaikum bhai..thats nice info.thanks for sharing.