Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup in Pakistan !

Image Courtesy: Google Images

The entire planet seems to be gripped in the world cup fever. Every small town restaurant,pub,park and street is filled with discussions about the upcoming match between Netherlands and Spain. Even in Pakistan people are looking forward to an exciting match.

But as everyone else is thinking of who would be the next world champion my mind wandered off somewhere else. I wonder will there ever be a Football World Cup held in Pakistan ? Is it even possible ?

If yes then what do we need to make this great event come to this country? I really envy the happiness and celebrations that the world cup has brought to the South African nation. I hope someday we Pakistanis can enjoy such celebrations in a peaceful and friendly environment.

So friends I'm looking forward to your suggestions. Come up with creative ideas as to what will bring the world cup event to Pakistan ?


  1. I got no creative ideas but a real forward one only that we must have a world cup trophy under our arm before thinking of hosting the event..:)

  2. even better, first we should atleast form a football team of international level...