Friday, July 30, 2010

A moment of tragedy ....

July 28 Airblue Airline's plane crashed in Islamabad killing around 152 people and leaving the entire nation mourning. The reasons of the tragic accident were not clear immediately.

On the same day heavy rains cause floods in various parts of the country specially in Naseerabad,Kohlu region of Balochistan and in Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa province.Flash floods and landslides triggered by torrential monsoon rains have killed more than 320 people in Pakistan in three days and affected at least 300,000, officials said Friday.

All road links and communication to the affected areas is still dead.The aid given up till now is insufficient. Although the government is trying its best but the scale of devastation is too huge and the victims need immediate attention.

I wonder where all the international community is when Pakistan so direly needs them.The international humanitarian agencies should come to the help of the Pakistani nation in these tough times.

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  1. i also don't know y pakistan is facing so many calamities- natural or manmade.. what hav we done to receive God's wrath upon us??