Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday !!

Finally its Sunday again...what a relief ! In today's fast paced world people like me get only one day to live their lives. A day when i don't have to worry about work,stress and deadlines.A day i can enjoy with whomever i want to. A day when i actually feel that I'm a living person and not a machine who goes through the same routine everyday.
No matter how close the deadline is i never work on Sundays(although sometimes i have to face the consequences).But come on, a weekend is time to relax not to complete your work.
I would like to give the same suggestion to my readers,enjoy your weekends,spend some quality time with your family and friends,go out get some fresh air,in short get a life guys...

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  1. hmm...I also think and take care of my sundays as you mentioned...

    Nice post..short but lively...

    Thanks !