Friday, April 30, 2010

Load-shedding !

Finally after three years or so this is the first Saturday that i got off.Thanks to some really indigenous policy makers who decided that giving a long weekend break will save electricity.

I wonder how can we overcome this shortage of electricity just by saving energy ? What most people are not paying attention to is adding new mega-watts to the national grid.With growth in population this increase in demand of electricity will grow exponentially.We need new power plants and soon.

We cannot rely on thermal power plants only.They are way too expensive to operate.Its high time our country invests in renewable energy sources such as wind,solar,bio-gas,hydro-electricity.

To top it all, now we will have gas load shedding too.Amazing.We being an agricultural country are surrounded by livestock manure which can easily be utilized to make bio-gas.Why not go for the alternatives ? If we can spend billions on oil import we can definitely spare some money for these renewable energy projects.

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