Friday, May 6, 2011

Bio-fuels:The true picture !

Recently i came across a blog post from one of my reading list. It was about bio-fuels being used as an alternate energy source.Before you continue to read on please go through the article over here: Spring of Autumn !

Since oil prices around the world are shooting up the low cost of bio-fuels seems to be very attractive. But you have to keep in mind the larger picture.As we all know that land is limited so eventually energy crops for bio fuels will compete with food crops. The farmer will definitely choose to cultivate energy crops as it will result in greater profits for him.This will cause a food shortage throughout the world.

In a country like Pakistan where food inflation is already in the double digits this would mean signing the death warrant of millions of people who live below the poverty line ! Whereas the rich would be happily fueling up their fancy cars with cheaper "cleaner" bio-fuels .

There are several other sources of alternate energy with less negative impacts that are waiting to be tapped . Surely we should work on those rather than bio-fuels which can create an unbalance in the world .


  1. As rightly pointed out, the biggest criticism on bio fuels erupts coz of increasing global food shortage. As the population of the world inceases putting enormous pressure upon the finite resources, the idea confronts strong opposition.

    Solar water heating (SWH) presents the best environmental friendly and economically viable solution suited to our energy needs. There is also huge potential of generation of power by means of hydraulic energy that somehow remains untapped to a greater extent. In addition, wind energy along the coastal belt can also be utilized for marginal production of power.

  2. thanks fro crediting me.
    I think we need to create awareness among masses, still the major part lies for government and its obvious govt isnot interested in. If it becomes, then thousands of doors for foreign AID will be closed on them!

  3. well Pakistan is the only country i know of that relies so heavily on oil for production of its electricity !