Saturday, February 26, 2011

Culture Day !

What is the first response that comes to your mind when you hear the word " Baloch" ?

I found it very surprising that most people living in Pakistan know too little about the baloch people and their culture. Infact it comes as a 'shock' considering that 44% of Pakistan's total area lies in the Balochistan province.

Whatever little information the general public has about the balochi culture and the baloch people is through the electronic or print media. Unfortunately the media has intentionally or unintentionally created a negative perception of the baloch people.

Baloch are an integral part of Pakistan and it is very important for everyone to understand their culture and their psychology. The baloch people have always been proud of their culture and their land. History tells us that the very first settlers of Karachi were Baloch which was back then known as 'Kolachi' named after its first inhabitants who were from a place called Kolach in Balochistan.

Baloch  are generally brave and kind hearted people who are well known for their hospitality and generosity.The Baloch people possess a rich culture whose traces go back to persian and arab cultures. Balochi poetry, balochi music and balochi cultural dresses are well known all around the world.
Today Baloch populations can be found spread across several regions of the world these include Pakistan, Afghanistan, in the Sistan and Balochistan province of Iran, Oman, Bahrain and other countries of the persian gulf.

The Balochi language is classified as a member of the Iranian group of the Indo-European language family, which includes Kurdish, Persian, Pashto, Dari, Tajik and Ossetian. The Baluchi language has the closest similarities to Kurdish, Avestan, old Persian and other Iranian languages.

To rejoice and celebrate their distinct culture and to portray the positive image of the Baloch people "Baloch Culture Day" is being celebrated on 2nd of March throughout the world wherever baloch populations exist.
I hope this event will be a huge success and will allow people to get an insight to the Balochi culture and language.

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