Friday, October 8, 2010

Reading !

There was a time in my life when i was addicted to reading. I would read at-least one book a week. Sometimes when i really loved a character i would place myself in the shoes of that novel character and wonder what would i do if were him.
The more books i read the better i thought of myself. That is until reality hit hard and i came falling down to the earth. Well the bubble had to burst someday . Better sooner than later.

So readers tell me something about your childhood experiences. Something funny or interesting. Something that'd give us all a reason to laugh during these tough times.May Allah bring peace to our country !

Here are a few interesting books for you to try out :




  1. hello...I pray that peace comes soon to your land...

    a well wisher from across a border which exists in the minds of some...

  2. thnx scribbler for scribbling on my blog !

  3. Hmm - read, In the line of fire.
    By musharraf -
    Its pretty hillarious I tell ya.

  4. May Allah bring peace to all of us and beloved country Pakistan ! Ameen.